BURNING START- Raquel Freire Day 1

The Crisis is always the excuse to eliminate the artist and their work 1/10
“I’m an artist born with the carnation revolution, freedom and democracy.
In Portugal the european policies of austerity implemented by the actual government extinguished the ministry of Culture.
The crisis is always the excuse used in history to eliminate the artist and their work.
What is a people without culture, without art, without identity? A slave people. A people who doesn’t live, only survives.
If we artists are forced to stop creating our culture, if the people culture and art cannot be alive anymore, we are as people condemned to death.
Artists in Portugal are struggling to survive. Our creative work becoming impossible, we fight against this impossibility by putting at stake our own artistic principles, burning our works to make everybody understand that one’s cannot live without art.
As an artist, I refuse to give up.
raquel freire 2012″

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